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Product Demo

FYRAN product demo showcases the full potential of our chatbot creation platform. With our intuitive interface, you can easily create a customized chatbot using various input formats including PDF, text, MP3, and docx. Be sure to checkout the LIVE DEMO section on this page to get the feel.

What's supported?

FYRAN supports a variety of input formats for creating chatbots, including PDF, TEXT, MP3, and docx. This flexibility allows our users to easily create chatbots using the content they already have in various formats. Once created, the chatbots can be integrated into any platform using Fyran's website, API, JS, or HTML. This makes it easy for our users to utilize the chatbot across multiple channels and provide a seamless experience for their audience. With Fyran, creating and utilizing chatbots has never been easier or more accessible.

Live Demo - Explore the capabilities

Introducing our live chatbot demo! This interactive feature provides users with an opportunity to test out our cutting-edge chatbot technology in real-time. Simply start chatting with our demo bot to explore its capabilities and see firsthand how it can benefit your business or personal needs. Our chatbot is designed to provide you with accurate responses and seamless interaction, thanks to its advanced natural language processing and machine learning capabilities. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to experience the future of chatbots! This Chatbot is trained on our FAQ and pricing section.Open your account today and receive free credits to try out Digital Human.

Meet Freya - Your Digital Human Assistant

Introducing Freya, the revolutionary Digital Human, exclusively offered by Fyran! Say goodbye to boring chatbot responses and hello to lifelike avatars that can speak in natural language. With Digital Human, you can download the avatar to use in your videos or presentations, making your brand stand out from the rest. Experience the future of chatbot technology with Fyran's Digital Human, and see how it can take your customer engagement to the next level.

Fyran - Live Demo
Fyran AI
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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is designed to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our platform. We offer a wide range of features and services, and we want to ensure that you have all the information you need to get started. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact our support team at suppor@fyran.site for assistance.

Fyran is a revolutionary AI chatbot builder that enables you to create a custom chatbot using your own data. With Fyran, you can upload TXT, PDF, DOCx, MP3, or even MP4 files to create a chatbot that can answer any questions related to your data. Our platform leverages the latest advancements in natural language processing and machine learning to provide your chatbot with the ability to understand and respond to user queries with a high degree of accuracy.

You can upload a wide variety of file formats to Fyran, including DOCx, PDF, TXT, MP3, and MP4(very soon) files. Our platform is designed to handle these formats seamlessly, so you can create a chatbot that can answer questions related to any type of data that you have.

Fyran only stores the content of your uploaded files, and not the files themselves. All of your data is securely hosted on our Azure and AWS servers, ensuring that your information is kept safe and protected at all times.

Yes, Fyran supports a wide range of languages, so you can create a chatbot that can communicate with users from all over the world. You can simply ask the chatbot to reply back in your preferred language, and it will be able to understand and respond accordingly.

Integrating Fyran into your website is easy. Simply create your chatbot using our platform, and then you can use our API to integrate Fyran into your website or application in a more customized way

Yes, we do have an API available. Our API is designed to provide developers with full access to our chatbot building platform, so you can create custom integrations and develop your own unique chatbot solutions.

Absolutely! We believe in providing our customers with the opportunity to test out our platform before making a commitment. Our free plan includes credits and features that allow you to explore the capabilities of our chatbot service.

Introducing our revolutionary Digital Human feature! With this cutting-edge technology, our chatbot's responses can now be spoken by a lifelike avatar in natural language, taking your user engagement to the next level. As the only chatbot service offering this unique feature, we guarantee you'll stand out from the competition. And the best part? You can download the avatar for use in your videos or presentations. Try it out now and experience the future of chatbots!.

Our Boost option utilizes an advanced AI algorithm that greatly improves the accuracy and performance of our chatbot service. This feature is particularly useful for businesses or individuals looking to optimize their chatbot's performance and enhance their customers' experience.

Different plans offer different character limit of a file. Please refer to the pricing section for more details.

You can easily check the character count of a file by using online tools such as charactercountonline.com or by opening the file in a text editor such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, which display the character count of the document.

Don't bother anymore, we are now FREE.

The Digital Human feature consumes more credits than a regular chatbot response due to the lifelike avatar that is created to speak the response. The exact number of credits consumed by this feature can vary and you can refer to the dashboard for more info on this.

The Boost Accuracy feature utilizes an advanced AI algorithm to greatly improve the accuracy and performance of the chatbot responses. This feature consumes more credits than a regular chatbot response due to the increased processing required. The exact number of credits consumed by this feature depends on the length of the response and the number of times it is utilized.

Yes, you can delete and recreate chatbots using different files. In future, there will be a limit on the number of times you can delete a chatbot but for now, enjoy it.

We're always here to help! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team (support@fyran.site). Otherwise, we hope you'll get started with our platform and discover all the amazing features it has to offer.

Why Fyran?

No Teaching Required

The game-changing solution for creating powerful chatbots effortlessly. Say goodbye to the monotonous task of manually scripting question-and-answer pairs. With Fyran, simply upload your files, and watch your intelligent chatbot come to life, ready to answer questions with pinpoint accuracy.

Digital Human Support

Fyran is unlike any other chatbot service available. Our state-of-the-art technology empowers you to build chatbots with unparalleled features and capabilities. Want to captivate your audience? Our groundbreaking Digital Human technology breathes life into your chatbot, enabling lifelike avatars to respond in natural language, adding a touch of personality to your chatbot.

Audio/MP3 to chatbot

But we don't stop there. Fyran also supports MP3 file uploads, allowing you to create chatbots that can answer questions related to your podcast or audio content, broadening your chatbot's versatility.

Budget Friendly

Our platform caters to businesses of all sizes, with budget-friendly pricing plans that don't compromise on quality. Experience the Fyran difference for yourself and discover why we're the ultimate choice for building exceptional chatbots that stand out from the crowd. Join the Fyran revolution today!


We are thrilled to announce that FYRAN, our powerful AI-based software, is now available for free!


~ FREE ~

  • 2 chatbots
  • 50 Credits
  • 400,000 character / chatbot

* Explain Character - Each file contains words. A word contains characters. An average word contains 5 characters. So, 400,000 characters = 80,000 words. 2,000,000 characters = 400,000 words. 4,000,000 characters = 800,000 words. 5,000,000 characters = 1,000,000 words. 7,000,000 characters = 1,400,000 words.

* Explain Credits - Credits are consumed as a result of the use of the chatbot. For example, if you have 100 credits and you ask your chatbot a question (without any boosters), then you'll be charged 1 credit for that message. Similarly, if you use any of the boosters, you'll be charged base credits and the number of credits specified for that booster.

* Explain number of chatbots - The number of chatbots you can create with the plan you choose. For example, if you choose the Spark plan, you can create 12 chatbots which essentially means you can have at most 12 different files based chatbots active.

What We Can Do For You


Our chatbots are powered by advanced natural language processing technology and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Custom AI Solutions

We can develop customized AI solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs, from voice recognition and natural language processing to predictive analytics and more.